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Themes, schemes, blah blah

So, I’m still brand new in Tumblr and I haven’t completely figured out the whole customize the css from your tumblr theme to make the changes you want on your layout. It’s just that Tumblr’s html seems to be more complex than the one used on Livejournal (plus I haven’t done any html stuff in months).

Anyways, I chose this current theme called “Effector Theme” which I quite like, it has many interesting customizable features (more than other free themes I’ve seen around) but I still want to make some changes to it (colours and maybe fonts). The thing is… I fell in love with another theme called Inspire Well (I feel like I’m cheating on my current theme) but it’s premium :( I’ve been trying to find another theme similar to Inspired Well in its layout style and features, so… if anyone finds a theme that looks like Insp.Well and is free, please, pretty please let me know ;) (will reward with online hugs).

(10 June 2012)

P.S.: I’ve found a few free themes that actually look similar to “Inspire Well” with lots of the same cool features, they are “Kinley”, “Stacky Ver. 2” & “Stacky Ver. 3” They are customizable and look amazing!!

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  1. laury-kos said: I can’t customize the css, I have to use the default theme(s), :/ cuz I couldn’t find an option where I can put my hands on the css codes.
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